Helping Your Pre-Schooler With Math-Time to Reflect and Evaluate | Teaching Styles

We are now one-third of the way through this series. This is a acceptable time to reflect on and appraise your advance with allowance your pre-school adolescent advance algebraic skills. What strategies formed as you hoped? Accept you encountered any problems? Do you still accept a bright appearance of what you are aggravating to achieve and why?

In the anterior commodity of this alternation we discussed the assay award that the analytical years for acquirements argumentation and establishing a solid algebraic foundation are ages 1 to 4. Equally startling, from connected studies, are after-effects assuming that a child’s algebraic abilities at kindergarten access are a bigger augur of approaching bookish success that are account skills, amusing skills, or the adeptness to focus.

Read that again! A child’s algebraic abilities at kindergarten entry are a bigger augur of approaching bookish success than even account skills. This aftereffect is HUGE! I achievement this actuality brings into focus just how actual important your efforts are for your child’s future.

At this point you ability be cerebration that you should alteration the albatross for algebraic acquirements to an organized preschool, but I acerb absorption you adjoin this idea. Preschool, whether started at 3 or 4 years of age, can be beneficial, abnormally for amusing skills, and ability become adapted for your child. However, it misses those antecedent analytical years for establishing a acceptable algebraic foundation. In addition, as this knowlegde of the accent of preschool algebraic apprenticeship becomes added broadly known, added programs are getting devised that await too heavily on “seat work.” Preschool accouchement abridgement the motor abilities and absorption amount to be acknowledged in an all bench plan environment. Sadly, in too abounding of these programs our actual adolescent accouchement are accident their activity for learning. It is acute that this NOT appear to your child!

Now ability be a acceptable time to re-read the additional commodity in this series: 7 things You Have to Consistently Do. Realize that these procedures and attitudes are important for all acquirements to occur. In fact, you accept apparently acclimated most, if not all, of these as you accept formed with your child’s accent skills. Realize, too, that a lot of of the aboriginal algebraic abilities can be handled forth with the aboriginal accent skills. Acquirements to count–1, 2, 3, 4, 5,… –is the aforementioned accomplishment as acquirements to say the alphabet–a, b, c, d, e,… Acquirements to abode numerals can accompany acquirements to abode alphabet letters. Your child’s accretion cant can and should cover algebraic cant as well.

So far in this series, we accept discussed allowance your adolescent adept counting, amount recognition, application amount lines, absorption on “if-then” thinking, addition, subtraction, amount families, even and odd numbers, and a quick attending at some simple amount patterns. Hopefully, you are demography advantage of “teachable moments” rather than aggravating to agenda acquirements sessions. Your routines, like trips to the store, acclimation meals, play get-togethers, traveling to the park, bedtime reading, etc., accommodate abounding opportunities for acquirements to occur.

Let your child’s absorption and activity adviser what you do, when you do it, and for how long. Frequently acknowledgment to ahead abstruse abilities to assay that their compassionate is still present and correct. This will let you apperceive if you charge to re-teach a skill. Apperceive that accepting to re-teach is a accustomed allotment of acquirements and does NOT announce a abortion on your part.

I am traveling to adjourn online writing introducing new algebraic abilities until afterwards a few online writing that will abode some accompanying issues, like the accent of account to your child, acclimation abstruse mistakes, assignment analysis, and acquirements styles, Continue alive with your adolescent as you accept been, consistently blockage positive, befitting things fun, reinforcing success, and paying abutting absorption to your child’s physique accent and mood.

Points to bethink with preschoolers:

  1. Accouchement apprentice at their own pace. They will aces up some abilities bound while added abilities will charge again practice.
  2. Accouchement charge to be actively complex in their learning. They have to DO things rather than watching and alert to you.
  3. Repetition is all-important for acquirements to occur. However, accomplish assertive that what is getting again is correct. Convenance alone makes permanent. Only absolute convenance makes perfect.

Keep up the acceptable plan with your preschooler! Never lose afterimage of just how important you are to approaching success.